Hi! I’m Marc Reklau, founder of Maklau Publishing and author of 11 books including the International bestsellers “30 DAYS”, “Love yourself FIRST” and “How to Become a People Magnet” which have sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. Originally from Stuttgart, I have made the beautiful city of Budapest our home.read full bio
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If Jack Canfield gave our soul chicken soup, Marc Reklau served it up a nice shot of expresso! I love this book! It reads as if you're talking to an excitable best friend; it's a fun read. It starts out like some motivational books do, full of gusto and vigor, but it keeps going while delivering a powerful message: sometimes less really IS more. Too often I've taken on a project only to set myself up for failure by having an insane timeline in my head. Marc Reklau has this book set up so it's all paced out really showing not just the necessity, but the true power of forming a habit. Anything you want to change, to have, be or do, this book is a must-have tool in your toolbox for when you achieve your next goal! I highly recommend it and may very soon make it required reading for my own clients, as well.

LindaAmazon 30 days Reader

This is a book to dip into frequently. It's not the usual style of a 'Self Help' book. It is packed with 94 very short chapters, each about the sort of things most of us do/or don't do - but could improve our lives if we did/didn't do them. If, now and again, you practised just one chapter you would make your life easier. Examples are: "Be Happy Now", "Stop Trying and Start Doing", "Start To Get Organised", "Pamper Yourself"', "Smile More" and "Stop Being So Hard On Yourself".

You are not overwhelmed with a whole bookful that you need to do! Pick what suits you - and try it. I bought the Kindle book but have now bought the paperback as I want to keep it by me always.

Mary30days reader

Brilliant book, easy to read and relate to. It is full of wisdom for everyday life and is very uplifting. It’s one I would read over and over as I got alt from it found enjoyable all the way to the end

Martina30 days reader

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