My Bio

I was born in Esslingen Germany in 1973. I grew up with one goal and one goal only: to become a professional football player. After holding on a bit too long to this dream I finally began studying a bit more seriously. So after studying a career I didn’t really like  (International Business and languages), I worked in a job I hated for most of the time during eleven years. I was fired from that job at the end of September 2013. With savings for two years and over 200 hours of coaching training, I decided to open a coaching business… and to write a book.

Fast forward 8 years and one book turned into more than 44 books on Amazon in various languages – including workbooks and gratitude journals plus 16 audiobooks.

I’m now making a full-time living as a writer which probably would come most surprising to my 11th-grade German teacher Herr Sch. who advised me strongly to major in Biology and not in German.

After living in Germany, the US, Mexico, Spain and Malta I now settled down in Budapest, a beautiful city in the heart of Europe, where I take 2 hour walks along the Danube river with my better half trying to dodge the great cafés and bars we see along our way.

When I’m not walking around, doing Amazon Ads or writing I just like to relax in one of Budapest’s lovely cafés or travel the world with my partner in crime Natalia.

Why Hungary?

Hungary is one of the most thriving and best developed countries in Central Europe. Budapest reminds of Barcelona in the Mid-Nineties or Lisbon in the beginning of the 2000s when they started their success stories. You can literally feel the drive and the vibe. Something big is happening here. Abobe all I appreciate the friendliness of the people, the high level of safety and the Hungarian food. 🙂

For me, as an author, Budapest is the perfect environment to find inspiration for my books. It’s one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and the world.

As a business owner, I appreciate the business-friendly environment including the fiscal incentives. Democracy and political stability provide the safety needed for long term investments and plans.

Hungarian being one of the most difficult languages in the world it’s much appreciated that English is widely spoken so the language barrier is also disappearing.

Last but not least as an international speaker and traveler I’m happy about the strategic location and the excellent flight connections to Europe’s main airports Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam.

Stay Tuned for Updates

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